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Mosnow Cotton-Cashmere Winter Hat

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French Edge knows style so for additional knowledge, here’s a friendly fashion tip 101: some ladies find it hard to look for a hat that will suit them. This is like a trial and error game not to mention time and cost consuming.

We say, Mosnow must be a perfect match for faces with a triangular shape or has a square feature.

Want some more? This design will also be attractive for ladies with long and curly hair.

Mosnow’s designs are not only into vanity. This beret hat has a pull and stay-on flair. The garter around the head supports and holds it preventing from sagging but will not compromise your look, of course.

One trivia you’ll definitely love – the beret cap has a textile of absolute softness called Cashmere. Its cloth won’t make you feel uncomfortable and itchy. It comes from the softest undercoat of Cashmere goat. That being stated, warmness is also guaranteed.

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