Acrylic-Wool-Rabbit Fur Painter Cap – FrenchEdge

Acrylic-Wool-Rabbit Fur Painter Cap

  • $29.00
  • Save $9.00

Ladies, having a hard time of letting go of your staple cap? By staple, we mean your every day and automatic to pickup cap? Believe us. We totally understand your sentiment. Routine is something you cannot easily let go of. But you may think that this can be boring at times. The same cap over and over. You might agree.

So, here’s a win-win headgear suggestion. A beautiful cap that you cannot resist yet you can consider as a new staple accent on your head.

One top reason is it’s design. This painter cap is simple yet not compromising beauty. Painter cap always flatter facial features of a person for it does not exaggerate on design. Meaning, this will just emphasize your beauty alone.

Number two note is that you can consider this as your next staple cap. Plain colors like Grey, White and Pink are a fine pick to compliment whatever wardrobe idea you have.

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