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Airyfluttering Roshee Wool Hat

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Running to an errand or need to commute on your way to work? You will definitely need a hat that won’t ruin your Chic glam look while it understands your adrenaline packed lifestyle.

If you are someone who do not have the luxury of time for wardrobe preparation and OOTD (Oh! That means ‘Outfit of the Day’), this beret hat is the one that will suit you 

Three pieces of flower embellish will emphasize your feminine grace while the extra fit around the head will hold your hair so it will not mess up. This is ideal to keep your hairdo at its best.

It is made of 85% wool blended with other materials so to make sure its warmth. It has a perimeter of 56-58cm. You have a freedom to choose colors from gray, black, wine red, and navy blue.

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