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iMucci Herringbone Tweed Gatsby Newsboy Berets

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This simple but graceful Herringbone Tweed Gatsby Beret has been made using the premium cotton and polyester materials with attractive striped patterns. It is a perfect fashion accessory for both men and women around the world.

These berets are a fashion worth checking out. Moreover, they are reliable and effectively protect your head from sun and all other weather conditions. It is available in a beautiful grey khaki color that will definitely add an attractive finishing touch to your look while you pursue your leisure activity.

It is one of the best cost-effective berets as compared to many other stylish berets, which means you can easily buy more than one to match your different outfits.

It feels superb and blends in with any kind of casual outfit; therefore it’s a perfect choice for all types of functions. Enjoy your great outdoor party or go to a sporting event with this Herringbone Tweed Gatsby Newsboy Beret.

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