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Painter Wool-Viscose Hat

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Stay warm yet stay cool. Wah… What?

Yes! We’ll tell you how.

There are two things women majority consider when deciding for a cap during cold season. One, it has to be warm. The wonder of wool and viscose tied up for the common goal of insulating the body with warmth. Additional fact from Wool is its property to resist from tear, dirt and wear. While viscose on the other hand is breathable, silky and light.

Number two: hat has to be beautiful enough to make you look cool. This probably more imperative than the first note. That’s true because you would want to look impressing…all the time, babe. Check the flower detail of this cap. We’re sure that this will flatter your femine facial feature.

You will find these two important notes in Painter Wool-Viscose Hat. Diameter size is 56-58cm and you have the freedom to choose between five colors namely Orange, Red, Blue, Brown and Beige.

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