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Solid Wool French Artist Beret Winter Hat

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Forget a grouchy haircut and choose a beret hat for evening instead. A sophisticated topper is an ideal option when you have an intense desire for some extra shine.

These hats are classic, but look modern paired with any kind of attire. And while these hats seem a small piece of costume-y, their sleek grace give off a patrician vibe to the looks, which empowers the womanly form.

These beret hats are, quite truthfully, the sweetest and most cherished out of the bunch.

Perfect for pepping up a frosty season ensemble, these beret hats are easy to come by and are crafted in a range of attractive colors including pink, green, black, orange, grey, blue, red, and maroon.

These berets are 100% wool, feature doomed crown and a stem at top. These berets are extremely comfortable to wear because of their elasticity and softness.

While I'm sure you can rock this beret in any color you wish, just make sure you cock it on the back of your head.

It would be a great addition to your closet!

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