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Beret Acrylic-Wool-Polyester Cap

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  • Save $9.00

Beret cap might probably the most favorite headgear for cold seasons. Not only because it gives protection from extreme chill but it is able to transform you to a very fashionable one.

This cap is made of several warming fibers. One is wool which is notable for tiny curls that’s possible for making you feel a bit of spongy – reason for sensation of added layer of coziness.

Second is polyester. It is capable of insulating even when wet. The third one is acrylic that is use to make winter coats and gears.

French Edge also do value your flair as a chic. You will love the polka dots design that’s helpful to emphasize your lady poise. Choose from four lovely colors namely Grey, Red, White and Black or to make sure you have a cap that will suit every other day mood, you can have them all. Try it!

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