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Iduolelele Cotton-Rabbit Fur Beannie Cap

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Thinking of ways on how to adorn your natural feminine grace while keeping you warm? Admit it. Sometimes this thing is one of the factors why women cannot keep their appointments on time (insert smiley emoji).

Okay so the dilemma is choosing between a cap design and one is comfort. Take a check on this beanie cap from Iduolelele.

Minding on the style, the cap is especially made for women with high level of sensitivity on design. It has a flower on one side and you also has a freedom to choose from colors most preffered by ladies like White, Red, Pink, Purple and Beige.

And to balance comfort, Iduolelele promises a warm texture. It was made from cotton and rabbit fur, materials that are both known for providing cozy wardrobe for cold seasons.

So, after presenting these pointers, we believe you already made up your mind and already decided a cap ideal for your busy lifestyle.

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