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Illfly Cotton-Wool Beret Hat

  • $29.99
  • Save $13.81

If you are someone who cannot step outside without wearing any hat or if you are a girl who wants to have some sort of style, Illfly must be the one you should look for.

Compliment your look with beret hat that’s not only fashionable but comfortable at the same time.

This is certainly a fashion must-have for that chic flair. You can choose colors from gray, dark gray, black, blue and red.

Plus, it has a comfortable feature for the warm textile of cotton and wool. It also has a design visor for shade from the sun’s ray. You know, ladies’ issues - protection for your precious skin.

The beret cap fits to size 56-58cm.

Sounds a great deal, right? So go ahead! Enjoy outdoors without worrying about fashion, comfort or vanity issues!

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