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Lolita Wool-Polyester Beret Cap

  • $35.99
  • Save $18.01

If you are looking for a cap that has a high level of sophistication and style but do not have an idea what do you want exactly, you may want to consider these bullet points.

Firstly, the purpose of choosing the right cap is to make you look and literally feel good. Choose a cap that is already beautiful itself. Choose something that will emphasize your feminine feature. We are sure that you would want something that has an accent especially designed for pretty ladies.

So, looking good – check! Next is feeling good. By this, we mean the texture of the cap material. Lolita Beret Cap is made of Wool and Polyester. These textiles are known for providing warmth and comfort characteristics.

Available colors are Black, Burgundy, Dark Blue, White and Sky Blue.


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