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Real Rex Rabbit Fur Beret Cap

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  • Save $13.01

Being a woman can sometimes be flattering and sometimes challenging. Wether they like it or not, they cannot spare being the center of attention – the very reason why it’s a slight a crime to go out without makeup on or something.

But because of that innate fact, women has the opportunity on a daily basis to improve themselves.

French Edge wanted to take part of that self improvement project. We suggest you putting on this beret cap. The headgear itself carries beauty from genuine rex rabbit fur that is notable for shiny characteristics.

While highlighting on its positive notes, this will not outshine your facial features because available colors are only the neautral ones; namely white, grey and yellow.

Plus, the fur will protect you from crazy freezing. It’s a perfect source of warmth. Remember, shivering is a no-no. You cannot affort to lose poise, girl!

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