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Ursfur Rex Rabbit Fur Cap

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The search for the meaning of sexy is hard at times. It is subjective and based on individuality. But, it is more challenging when winter comes (insert smiley here).

Yes! Some people says a woman is sexy when she is revealing skin but for ladies with high level of sophistication doesn’t feel the same. Actually, winter is a perfect season to prove this wrong for you cannot expose your body in tremendous coldness.

No worries, we got you. Try on this Ursfur Cap. It is designed for ladies who can claim their own definition of sexiness and individuality – even of course snowy weather comes. It will emphasize your beauty and feminine feature on your face alone.

Plus, it is super cozy for it was made from Rex Rabbit Fur. That means, you will never lose your poise while you are enjoying the outdoors. Its headband measures 52-60cm.

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