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Warm Wool-Fur Beret Hat with Pom Pom

  • $35.99
  • Save $18.01

Ladies, have you ever found yourselves choosing between fashion and comfort? This situation may be true in choosing a proper beret hat especially when cold weather comes.

Let’s talk fashion first as for some consider this as a priority. You wish to have a chic look, cap that won’t mess your hair, and will stay in place for a tightening feature around the forehead. Additional design that you’ll love: the cute pom pom at the back.

Next consideration is comfort. If you’re looking for warm and soft cap, you’ll definitely like the knitted Wool-Fur material. It’ll be a perfect for super cold outdoor.

Still feeling the need to choose between these two? We suggest not! French Edge understands every girl’s sentiment. This design is specially crafted for you – a meticulous chic.

You also have the luxury of choosing the color you wish from White, Black, Gray, Navy, Beige and Ochre.

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